10 Love Songs Para Sa Mga Hopia Sa Pag-ibig

According to a famous love song, love moves in mysterious ways. Well, it indeed moves not just in mysterious ways but in the most unexpected turns and paths.

Love is full of surprises. It can be the happiest surprise you can get or the lowest blow in your life.

And for those who have been affected by the latter, it is extremely difficult to cope up or move on especially if you’re in a situation where the love of your life is already taken or caged in unrequited love.

But there’s something about love that is worth fighting for, worth waiting for.

And to give our brave folks some encouragements in their love battles, here are 10 songs that serve as perfect love anthems. Keep fighting!

1. “Kung Ako Na Lang Sana” by Sarah Geronimo.

This is a classic OPM love song that is full of “hugots”. You can really feel the pain in every word of this song. The title itself speaks a heart-wrenching love story.

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