10 Mobile Games And Apps Developed By Filipinos

Philippines is not just known around the world as the internet country and the “Selfie Capital of the World” but also for the talented Filipinos that are dominating wherever they were placed in — be it in pageants or sports.

In today’s fast-changing world, Filipinos have also ventured into game developing in order to give their tech-savvy fellowmen satisfaction.

Check out the following mobile games and apps that are invented by Filipinos. You might find it interesting, too!

1. LawJuan

In the Philippines, everything about crimes is a very sensitive topic. Since most Filipinos lack knowledge about the law, they sometimes do not know what to file and/or how to fight legal issues. That’s why this mobile app is helpful.

LawJuan is a reference application developed by Juan Juan. It provides lawyers, legal researchers, law enthusiasts, and law students complete access in over 15,000 laws of the Republic of the Philippines. This does not require internet connection to browse through all of it as it is stored in your device.

The application is only available in the Apple App Store. Since LawJuan is a full version and is not free to download, Juan Juan has developed separate apps that people can utilize for free. This includes LawJuan: Jurisprudence, LawJuan: Constitution, and LawJuan: Rules of Court.

Photo credit: Apple App Store – LawJuan by Juan Juan

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