10 Things Couple Should Avoid Posting Online

Being in love is the happiest and the sweetest feeling in the world.

Knowing that there is someone waiting for you every after work or school, start the morning with a sweet “Good morning” greeting and end it with a calming “Good night”, and the assurance that whenever you chant the magic love spell “I love you” you will always get a response.

Sigh, that is love.

And because love is a bliss, we all have a friend who keeps on posting about their relationship online especially on Facebook.

Well, it is not bad. It’s just a little bit off whenever he or she started to complain about his or her partner, post awkward photos and shout out stuff that is too private. (Facepalm)

So, FYI here are the 10 things that couple should avoid posting online for a healthier and long -lasting relationship.

1. Too much Lovey-dovey posts

Letting the whole world knows how you love your partner is truly a sweet gesture. But as we all know, anything too much is not always good.

Instead of complimenting your partner online, you can do it personally by sending her or him a sweet personalized card or flowers. A whisper “You are so beautiful/ You are so handsome” that goes with a hug is worth more than a million likes.

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