10 Waterproof Gadgets And Accessories To Prepare You For The Rainy Season

Heavy rains, thunderstorms, floods — these are the things Filipinos associate the rainy season with. And now that it’s time for the southwest monsoon to arrive and shower the country, the Philippines is already preparing as unpredicted circumstances might occur.

With that, Filipinos must equip themselves waterproof gadgets and/or accessories so as to be ready for the unforeseeable weather. Here are some:

1. Waterproof Cellphone Case

Of course, one thing that needs to be protected during the rainy days is the smartphone. Since majority of the mobile phones today are not waterproof, there’s a tendency for the gadget to get wet whenever used in this season.

Good thing, brilliant people have already come up with a waterproof case that will allow people to use their phones without the fear of getting wet.

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