5 Coffee Machines Perfect For Coffee Shop Startups

Just before the sun rises and roosters crow. Filipinos already have a mugful of coffee on their hands. Upholding that coffee is part of every Filipino day breaks.

Aside from being a good day starter, coffee has a lot of health benefits including lowering risks of developing cancers and serves as good antioxidant.

That’s why coffee shops started to boom in every corner of the city. In malls, schools and even parks. You can find a coffee shop that will help you satisfy your early morning yearning.

If you’re a coffee shop owner or a young entrepreneur who wants to give a good morning and a good vibe from sun up to sun down, these 5 amazing coffee machines will help you pour a second cup.

1. Sanremo Verde

The cover panels of this coffee machine are made with a special material obtained by recycling coffee grounds and adding a specific type of 100% natural resin. It also has RS System that allows the maximum heat stability (+-0,2°C).

With Energy saving system, Sanremo Verde can less up to 30% in energy consumption and 40% less energy consumption in stand-by mode. The SMARTouch multifunctional display also helps for an easier coffee preparation.

Steam knobs and filter-holder handles made of a material derived from recycled wooden pallets with 100% natural resin.

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