7 Types Of Moms On Facebook That Makes Us Go “Ma Naman, Nakakahiya!”

Moms—we love them, we can’t live without them. But sometimes, moms and Facebook aren’t always the best mix. May it be embarrassing or just down-right confusing, let’s face it, moms know a thing or two about posting someone on FB we don’t necessarily want them too. So for the moms we love but can’t help but go “Ma naman, nakakahiya!” to, here are the 7 types of mom we meet on Facebook.

1. The Commenter

Some moms have a lot of free time, so they love to comment on all their children’s posts. It’s nice to know that moms still remember us, but sometimes it is just a tad bit embarrassing. Especially if its a post remind us to take our medicine or fold our laundry.

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