8 Golden Reasons Why Owning Your Office Is Better Than Renting

When opportunity comes a-knocking, feel compelled to take it because it’s opening doors for you to expand your business acumen..If you have decided that you are in the market to buy your own office space, then you have become a prudent businessman making a wise investment.

With skyrocketing office space rentals today, consider these 8 reasons why purchasing your own office unit is wiser than the monthly payments:

1. Capital Appreciation – Over time, your own office space is a capital asset that appreciates. Buying the space means you get to lock in the price now and eventually gain bigger savings. There is no way for the property value to go but up. This makes for a sound and solid investment.

2. Flexibility – If you own the office space, you have the option to move in to it for your own business or lease the property out for rental income.

3.Rent-to-own – Rent-to-own terms can be arranged through available financing options, making it easier with fixed-rate mortgage. You are able to forecast costs with more certainty.

4. Business perception – When business colleagues and clients know that you own your office space, this ascertains the image of an established business.

5. No rent escalation – There are no contracts of lease, rent increases every so many years and landlords to deal with when you own your office unit.

6. No uncertainty
– While there are risks in any business venture, an office property investment will always be the safer and more secure way to yield the most capital.

7. Free hand in unit management – Subject to planning regulations and conditions, owning your own office space means you have the liberty in your hands to manage, design, renovate and repair unit accordingly.

8. Your asset is your legacy – As any investment can increase in value over time, an owned office unit property can become the legacy you will leave behind as a reminder of the hard work and milestones of your business.

Golden Bay Properties, one of the newest players n the real estate industry, is building its own legacy with its first venture, the Aspire Corporate Plaza Which will soon rise in the Bay Area, Pasay City. The project is s 10-story office space building where units will be for sale, a first of its kind offer in the Bay Area. Aspire Corporate Plaza is being built by a world-class architectural, engineering and construction team.

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