Acer Revolutionizes Education Through The CloudProfessor

Throughout the years, Acer has earned its pedestal in the tech market as a brand that spearheads innovative technology and practical solutions for the everyday Filipino. Beyond the successes it has received, it has also sought to go beyond the norm by crafting unique services that the market has never experienced, such as the CloudProfessor.

Following its launch in 2016, the CloudProfessor by Acer is finally in the Philippines to educate users on the basic Internet of Things (IoT) service and functions of cloud control, through its simplified devices and starter kit set-up. Initially introduced in the Taiwanese market, the first-of-its-kind cloud technology has been simplified to improve the educational experience of lecturers and students.

“We launched this cloud education service in 2016 as a testament to Acer’s commitment in helping break the barrier between people and technology. Through this new initiative, we wish to educate the next generation on how to utilize, in a very simple way, this plug-n-play technology,” says Roger Wu, Business Development Manager of BYOC Smart Products and Pan Asia Pacific Business Development.

As the first stop in Southeast Asia, the Philippines market has the privilege to experience the CloudProfessor before its neighboring countries. During its recent local internal launch, the Acer Philippines family – with twenty-nine children, on hand, underwent an interactive boot camp to experience the genius, convenience, and dynamics behind the CloudProfessor. Showcasing a simple build-and-play activity, the children better understood the possibilities of cloud control by manipulating and maneuvering a toy car with the task to park it in a make-shift garage. All of which were controlled through a tablet and cloud technology.

The latest addition to Acer products locally, the CloudProfessor serves as a gateway to tech solutions and innovations that can be crafted, even by students. Unlike its competitors, the Cloud Professor has already been packaged and simplified, which is why the term “plug, play, code and make” has been coined to describe the service. The package already includes a hardware, software, and cloud, which does not require programmers with in-depth skills unlike other IoT products.

The company believes that even the youngest of children can already learn a thing or two about programming, Roger Wu states, “We believe that in [the young children’s] generation, computer skills is a basic. But for them, programming is also a basic language. A lot of countries have taught programming in their classes. We’re not trying to make everybody an engineer, or a programmer, this is just a training ground on how to solve a problem. Through programming, education can be achieved in a larger scale.”

Acer has also made sure that their latest educational tool is more than just a product, as each program comes with hand-in-hand basic instructional manuals for students to build and create different robotic products. Outputs can, likewise, be easily improved as Roger Wu expounds that the possibilities of these creations are endless with the creative innovations of the future generation. Aside from the booklet, Acer has made sure to also conduct seminars and informative talks to train educators on how to utilize and integrate the CloudProfessor in their basic lessons in school.

The entry of the CloudProfessor in the Philippines servers as the birthing sprout of IoT in the academes.

“Ideally, we’d like to have more teachers and educators to join this eco-system. Acer has been very competitive in the computer and ICT industry for more than 40 years. We’re the number one in the Philippine market but we are new when it comes to the educational field, which is why we need to invite all the players to join the market,” adds Wu.

Acer continues to seek solutions and innovations beyond borders, honing the future leaders’ creative skills and providing basic knowledge in the possibly digital future that society is anticipating.

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