AIBO, The Robot Dog Is Back!

The adorable robot pet of the 90’s is now back.

AIBO, is a series robotic pets designed and manufactured by Sony to give entertainment and market for domestic use.

AIBO was first released in the year 1999. But after 6 years of initial consumer introduction, Sony announced that it would discontinue AIBO and several other products.

Now AIBO is coming back to life equip with upgraded features and Artificial Intelligence.

Sony claims that the new generation of AIBO can create emotional bond with its family. It can also geographically map its own location.

The new AIBO also has a wider range of motion compare to the old versions.

You can download tricks and see photos taken by AIBO’s eyes via AIBO app.

AIBO is currently available in Japan with a price of $1700 plus a monthly fee subscription.

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