Apple’s Newest Ad Lets You Review ‘The Archives’ In An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Admit it, we’re guilty for having tons of unsorted pictures at home as it’s really tiring to organize photos in an album or a scrap book. Even with today’s technology, it’s still a struggle.

But whenever you open those dusty photo albums of your childhood at home or browse through those photos in your phone, isn’t it very nostalgic?

Good thing, Apple has finally created a feature for the new iOS 10 that’ll let the user view sorted photo memories in a function called “Memories”. Like the Google Photos, it lets the phone compile the “best” images from a time period, then tie it up with music to create emotional films.

Entitled as “The Archives”, the newest ad of the brand for the “Memories” function gathers an emotional response to the viewers, a sure reaction whenever looking back at the past. It shows how a memory film is secretly created by an archivist and magically appears through the mother phone elsewhere in the world.

Of course, no archivist will be behind the compiling but the phone itself. However, the ad demonstrates the strength and clarity of the newest feature and that it’ll drive people in an emotional roller coaster ride once you download it.

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