Apple’s Plus-Sized iPhone X To Be Launched This Fall

Can’t get enough of Apple’s iPhone X because of the outstanding features it offers? This all new iPhone X will catch your eyes for sure.

According to Mark Gurman, on September 2018, iPhone will release three new phones. One is the upgraded version of iPhone X, second is the upgraded iPhone version but larger than than the usual size, and the last is the affordable version of iPhone X. All of them are reported to use Face ID for verification.

The larger version of iPhone X features a screen that is close to 6.5 inches, a display of 2688 x 1242, split-view software. In accordance to the design, the larger size iPhone X is still the same as the design as what the original iPhone X. It will also feature the same hardware, OLED screen and stainless steel sides and aluminum frame.

Apple is also considering the idea of putting dual-SIM support but according to Gurman, that if the company desired to continue implementing eSIM technology which allows the device to connect to a cellular data without any support of the traditional, carrier- provided SIM card.

It is also reported that Apple is going to add Gold variant for its additional choice for the flagship. As estimated, the price of the phone is between $700 and $800 but the price is lesser than the cost of iPhone X’s starting price.

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