Bigboss Pandesal: Your Daily Bread Fix In The South!

Big Boss Hot Pandesal is one of the south’s fastest-growing food businesses with 7 branches in just a span of 8 months. Their newest store in Moonwalk Village Las Pinas has recently open to serve their freshest breads for more people in the south.


The brand brought a huge buzz with their delicious and nutritious hot pandesal. It’s soft but not airy so you can really feel that your full. It also has a distinct premium taste that truly elevates compared to it’s competitors. The price is definitely affordable, no wonder they already became a breakfast staple pandesal for the more and more household.

Another best seller is their Ube Cheese Pandesal. I love how the fusion of cheese and ube slowly melts in mouth. It has the right sweetness, it’s also soft and moist that makes you crave for more. Truly a must try!

Big Boss Hot Pandesal offers more breads favorites like Pan De Spanish, Choco Pandesal, Ensaymada, Ube Ensaymada, Pan De Coco and a lot more.

Experience quality breads at a low price with Big Boss Hot Pandesal. For more info visit their socials.