Capture The Best Summer Moments With OPPO F3 Plus

Summer season is about to end.

Good thing, modern technology like cameras and smartphones can help us capture the moment and allow us to check back on the fun and exciting memories made all throughout summer.

But pondering on happy moments would be better if you see it in clear and excellent quality. Luckily, OPPO F3 Plus’ selfie camera is as crystal clear as the waters of Coron, Palawan.

OPPO F3 Plus is built with impressive camera specs and features. It has 16 MP rear camera and dual front camera set, one of which is a standard 16 MP front camera and 8 MP camera with a 120 degree wide angle lens.

With such wonderful camera features of OPPO F3 Plus, we truly enjoyed capturing breathtaking photos and great selfies and groufies at the beautiful island of Coron, Palawan.

Coron is one of the most beautiful summer destinations here in the Philippines. Not only is it abundant with marine life and colorful corals, every corner has its own picture-perfect island view.

And for a little trivia, did you know that Coron is also famous for its World War II shipwrecks? There are 10 well preserved underwater shipwrecks around Coron that are now surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Most, of which can easily be seen during snorkeling.

Hence it has been named as one of the top diving spots in the world.

Aside from the underwater wonders of Coron, stunning and beautiful white sand beaches and large limestone cliffs can also be seen around the beautiful island.

Our Coron summer adventure started with a 721-step mountain climb on the very popular, Mt. Tapyas.

Mt. Tapyas is a prominent tourist destination in Coron. Its stunning mountain top view of Coron’s islands and majestic view of sunrise and sunset is just the few wonders of the mountain.

These photos of the majestic sunset were shot at Mt. Tapyas using OPPO F3 Plus. Without alternation or color grading, the camera perfectly shot the bountiful colors of the sunset.

We also tried OPPO F3 Plus’ Dual Front Camera on the peak of Mt. Tapyas, on the left is a photo snapped with OPPO F3 Plus’ 16 MP Front Camera and on the right is a shot with the 8 MP camera consisting of its 120-degree wide view.

This wacky-groufie was shot using OPPO F3 Plus’ 8 MP wide angle camera. It didn’t just capture everyone in the picture but left enough headroom to capture the picturesque background.

After a tiring mountain trek, we soaked our tired bodies at Maquinit Hot Spring.

*shot using OPPO F3 Plus. With great camera specs of OPPO F3 Plus, night shooting is possible.

Beautiful small limestone islands at Siete Pecados marine park started our 2nd day. We enjoyed swimming and snorkeling over colorful corals and fishes.

But the weather was a bit turbid and clouds overcast the rays coming from the sun.

After a few minutes, the much-awaited sun finally shone and gave us a warm welcome.

Look at the crystal clear water of Coron! True to its colors, the camera snapped the cool sea of the island.

For gastronomic satisfaction, we had a scrumptious lunch at Beach 91.

After a yummy lunch, we headed to the only free beach in the area, CYC island. It was a bit crowded but the fine white sand of the beach is superb.

Before our second day ended, we got a chance to see the beauty of Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan lake is one of the primary attractions of Coron.

This hidden paradise needed a good groufie shot. Thankfully, the 120 degree view perfectly captured everything.

With favorable weather on the third day, we went to Malcapuya beach. Personally, I considered this beach as a paradise. The white sand beach and crystal clear water of the beautiful island are absolutely stunning.

Next stop was Banana Island, the island is called “Banana Island” because it is shaped like a banana. Just like the other islands of Coron, Banana island is a picture-perfect spot.

For the Day three’s last stop, we traveled for about 15 minutes to reach Bulog Dos island. Bulog Dos Island is famous for its Bulog Dos Sand Bar which only pops up during low-tide. It requires a bit of patience and a lot of lounging around before one can see the full stretch of the sandbar.

With OPPO F3 Plus front 8 MP camera with 120-degree wide angle shot, I don’t need to extend my arms to capture the full view and beautiful smiles of my amazing travel buddies.

On the 4th day of our Coron Summer Adventure, we got a chance to see a wrecked Japanese gunship and a wide coral garden filled with big and small corals as well as colorful fishes.

We finished the day with a delicious meal and afternoon siesta at Pass Island.

Pass Island was named as such because during World War II, it was used as a passage way by the Japanese forces.

On the island, we met a very cute local dog which named “Dashy”.

Like other islands in Coron, its stunning white sand beach is also magnificent. With the serene ambiance of the island, you will definitely fall in love to it.

Just like any other adventure, our summer adventure in Coron ended. But it ended with a lot of fun and unforgettable memories that will never fade.

The best thing about happy memories is making them. So, make sure you have the best gadget to help you capture beautiful moments, just like OPPO F3 Plus. Snapping moments, just as if it’s unfolding in front of your very eyes.

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