‘Crating’ The Life You Want

Our daily lives have changed drastically in the last decade. The impact of technology in the way we live our lives, do business and even handle our day-to-day chores is now woven intricately into technology. It has allowed us to live our lifestyle and partly handle our chores through the use of technology like internet banking.

This has never been more evident than in the birth of subscription boxes in the US market. Initially, it was aimed at women. A prime example is Birchbox, which delivers value boxes with cosmetics.

Not long after, other boxes followed the trend. Suddenly, there was more sense to have a marketplace for different boxes. CrateJoy burst into the scene and created an even bigger impact that sent business blogs quoting a subscription economy on the rise.

Pioneering the subscription marketplace in Southeast Asia is Qrated Crates (qratedcrates.com), an online discovery platform or marketplace for subscription boxes. Think of it as an online mall where vendors can offer curated items that form a subscription box.

Offering various products such as food, grooming, and even accessories, these boxes are delivered to your doorstep, saving customers time and money in the long run.

“We believe that subscription boxes were borne out of the consumer’s desire to spend more time with family and friends. Less time with chores. So at Qrated Crates, you can easily automate the boxes that you need on a monthly basis and it will just get delivered to you. It is easy to find lifestyle boxes that suit whatever you need at the moment,” said Stephanie Oller, co-founder and CEO of Qrated Crates.

As of press time, Qrated Crates has 8 categories such as babies and kids, beauty, fashion, food and beverage, health and fitness, pets, hobbies and novelties, and luxury.

Some of the brands include Minerale; Stylegenie; Liwayway; Fetch! Naturals; Barik Supremo Lambanog; Oli’s Boxship; Vinoom Selection; Pushkart; Tita May’s Breakfast; Teas of Joy; and Izumio, to name a few.

Subscribing to Qrated Crates is easy. Oller shared that customers simply sign up, create a profile, browse to find subscription boxes that suit their lifestyle, and place a trial order or a recurring order.

The CEO stressed that clients need not be scared with the commitment because they can easily bail out if they want to.

“The important thing is to try it out first because there are no commitments. They can cancel their subscription anytime,” Oller shared.

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