Ekotek Re-Launches Storage Device Line

Ekotek isn’t a new contender in the game – in fact, they’ve been in the business of creating designer gadgets for over five years now. And in those five years, they were able to release a whole range of products from different categories. From large scale gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and powerbanks to sound devices such as headphones and earphones.

Ekotek didn’t stop there, however. They also created their own accessories line consisting of the Firmlink series (cables and adaptors) and the Classic Storage series (USB and MircoSD card). This year, they are launching their new storage device line – Data Drive!

Data Drive consists of flash drives and MicroSD cards. For over half a decade, Ekotek has been providing high speed, industry standard, storage spaces and this new series is no different. Ekotek’s Flash Drives are sure to transfer data in the fast lane – not compromising aesthetics and practicality with its lightweight, compact, and elegant design. The MircoSD cards, on the other hand, provide the capacity and performance required to capture high-quality photos and videos.

Ekotek’s Data Drive series is sure to be a reliable buddy you can count on when it comes to storing your data! Long-life, endurance, and durability are the key features that Ekotek aims to uphold – and these are what they offer with the Data Drive series.

Flash Drive 4GB 2.0 (1,360 photos or 2 hours and 30 minutes of video) – Php 390

Flash Drive 8GB 2.0 (5,200 photos or 8 hours and 40 minutes of video) – Php 415

Flash Drive 16GB 2.0 (12,900 photos or 10 hours and 40 minutes of HD video) – Php 490

MicroSD 4GB C4 (225 full-res 10mp photos or 10 minutes of 1080p HD video) – Php 380

MicroSD 8GB C4 (250 full-res 10mp photos or 20 minutes of 1080p HD video) – Php 420

MicroSD 16GB C10 (500 full-res 10mp photos or 40 minutes of 1080p HD video) – Php 625

MicroSD 32GB C10 (1,000 full-res 10mp photos or 80 minutes of 1080p HD video) – Php 1,099

They are now available at the Ekotek kiosk in SM Megamall Cyberzone, Office Warehouse branches across the metro, Anson’s, Astro Plus, and at over 250 accredited retailers nationwide.

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