Embrace Digital Transformation In Your Workplace With Microsoft 365

The changing face of the workforce in the Philippines has returned in a need for organizations to foster a new culture of work to achieve digital transformation success, a Microsoft study has concluded. In fact, half of the respondents polled felt that more can be done by their organizations to invest in culture development.

Factors influencing the culture of work here in the Philippines today:

1. Increasingly mobile workforce and exposure to new security risks.
2. The rise of diverse teams.
3. Gaps in employees’ digital skills even as leaders are in the motion of embracing digital transformation.

“ The rise of digital technologies, along with the new generation of millennials entering the workforce, has brought about a need to address changing workers expectations, knowledge and skills, as well as the tools they use. And with more than half of the world’s millennials residing in Asia, the workplace will need to transform to adapt to the technology habit of these digital natives. In addition, due to deployment of advanced and emerging technologies, organizations need to relook at reskilling its workforce to develop creative and strategic skills for the future.”

Four core values of new culture of work

1. Unlocking employee’s creativity: Collaboration fuels innovation through sharing of ideas and enables flexibility in how people work through a connected experience, while working seamlessly across devices.
2. Fuelling Teamwork: By equipping all workers with a universal toolkit for collaboration, organizations offer its people choice and ownership as to how they work together and collaborate in real-time.
3. Strengthening security: Today, 74% of respondents are working on employer-issued PCs, but 81% are also working on personal smartphones, which underscores potential security risks.
4. Bringing Simplicity: With the rise of apps, devices and security risks in the workplace, there is a need to streamline the IT management, breakdown service siloes so that disparate data can be combined and reasoned in new ways and reduced complexity.

Modernizing firstline of workforce with Microsoft Cloud

For organizations still on office 2007, end of support will happen on 11 October. Customers who are still using Office 2007 products and services are encouraged to move to Office 365 or Microsoft 365 to stay supported and ensure uninterrupted support from Microsoft.

To learn more about Microsoft 365, visit https://www.microsoft.com/en/microsoft-365.

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