Facebook Efforts To Get Rid Of False Content

Facebook already announced that they will be fact-checking posted social media content on the site in an effort to root out false information.

This will be done through the social media site’s ‘Third Party Fact Checking’ which shall include advanced technology as well as human reviewers who work for certified groups of the organization called, International Fact-Checking Network.

According to Facebook’s newsroom, they have been working with experts in order to achieve their goal to prevent the spread of false information and fake news by building a “machine learning model” and intelligent fact-checking of photos and videos.

Identifying manipulated and false content, poses a difficult challenge for Facebook, because “figuring out whether a manipulated photo or video is actually a piece of misinformation is more complicated; just because something is manipulated doesn’t mean it’s bad.” Ms. Tessa Lyons, Facebook product manager explained.

Facebook will also rely on user feedback to identify false content in photos, videos and other similar forms such as captions and comments, just as it is being applied for articles.

Will this be a successful attempt of flagging fake news? How will users react to these new imposed algorithms and policies?

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