Four Worst Nightmares About Your Private Messages

Are your private messages really private? Turns out, they might not be.

People are making more intimate connections now than ever before through the screen of their smartphones and laptops—but did you know that your private messages may not be completely safe? With the recent events in the tech world, we’ve realized that certain messaging apps don’t provide a completely secure environment for your chats. It is very possible that hackers, advertisers, law enforcement agencies, and perhaps even your parents are looking into your messages right now.

Before you shrug it off, here are four ways that your life may change—and not for the better!—in the case that the private information you share over messaging apps falls into the wrong hands:

Advertisers can hound you. Ever wonder why you see so many ads about the destinations you were chatting with a friend about, or why schedule prompts appear when you chat about going out? Some messaging apps observe and collect data that you share, and allow companies to use this data to send specific ads to you.

Your identity can be stolen. Be careful when you share your passport information or bank account numbers through your messaging apps! Online identity thieves can hack into your messages to check what information they can get and use for their own gain. They can even send messages from your chat app, prompting friends or other contacts to share valuable information or give money.

You can be threatened—even blackmailed. You may not think twice when you tell your friends about the upcoming launch at work or send your boyfriend a private photo, but when sent over a messaging app that isn’t secure, you could easily be abused. Someone can expose your data to hurt and shame you; someone from a competing company may use your work conversations to one-up you; or someone can blackmail you into doing something illegal.

The authorities could come after you. Whether you work with politicians or just a civilian getting more involved in activism or protests, you need to be careful before sharing these kinds of information. Without a secure messaging app, governments around the world and the bodies that represent them can look into your messages and mark you as a potential threat, and may perhaps use it to detain or arrest you.

It pays to be a little praning and extra careful about your private information, so make sure you use a messaging app that safeguards your information. As one of the country’s top communications apps, Viber prioritizes its users’ data privacy worldwide with a 360° security system, which includes end-to-end encryption, to allow everyone to connect safely and securely.

End-to-end encryption is a security measure that ensures that only you and the people you’re communicating with will be able to read your message. Basically, when you send a message, it becomes a coded message, and it stays that way until your intended recipient gets it. No one—and that includes Viber—can see or read any of your messages or see any of your photos and videos.

Viber’s unique features gives you full control over your data—you can delete messages from the app any time, authenticate contacts (so you can always verify who you’re chatting with), and even hide chats from your regular list with a secret PIN.

As Viber is committed to helping you connect and build strong relationships with their loved ones and friends around the world, it remains your trusted ally in securing the privacy and security of your data.

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