Google Introduces Morse Code Keyboard For Gboard App

Google is expanding their reach to people with disabilities through the Morse Code keyboard on the Gboard app.

Google announced last July 11 that the company’s mobile keyboard app called Gboard will be receiving an update that will let people communicate through Morse code using the app.

Google brought in Morse code tech developer Tania Finlayson to develop the special keyboard.

Finlayson said that her experience with Morse code as a physically disabled person growing up led her to eventually work with Google to develop the keyboard.

“My experience with the Morse code communicator led me to a partnership with Google on bringing Morse code to Gboard,” Tania said. “Working closely with the team, I helped design the keyboard layout, added Morse sequences to the auto-suggestion strip above the keyboard, and developed settings that allow people to customize the keyboard to their unique needs.”

The Morse code keyboard replaces the regular QWERTY keyboard with dots and dashes to enter text.

The new keyboard is now available on both Android & iOS devices.

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