GTA V Player Killed Mysterious Monster In The Game

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is an action video game series began in 1997. It has been one of the most successful video game series ever released with more than 250 million units sold. It is also the fourth highest selling video franchise of all time.

In its latest franchise, GTA Auto Theft V offers more realistic graphics and HD features. It is also a place that whacks a lot of secret and discovery.

One of them is the mystery of a monster that lurks in the game. Bigfoot has been present to many mythical narratives. But this time, Bigfoot find a new dwelling place inside GTA V.

And to prove its existence in the game, a player started the hunt and eventually killed the mysterious monster.

It was discovered in the game in the form of hallucination with the use of an intoxicant.

Watch how the “Bigfoot” chasing adventure began and end in a tragic and bloody wind-up.

Video Credit: Youtube: itstinygamer

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