Here Are The Winners Of 2017 iPhone Photography Awards

iPhone photography awards or (IPPAWARDS) is an annual photography competition participated by thousands of iPhone users from over 140 countries around the world. It started last 2007.

The winners were selected from thousands of entries submitted across the globe.

This year marks its 10th anniversary celebration with a new list of winners.

Taken using an iPhone 6s, the photograph that depicts the innocent face of war seize the grand prize.

It was a photograph shot in 2016 by Sebastian Tomada, the torment of war as Iraqui forces launched an attack for ISIS on the background and the serenity of the children on the foreground creates a beautiful contrast.

Sebastian Tomada,’Children of Qayyarah’

Brenda O Se’s ‘Dock Worker’ won the first place. Yeow-Kwang yeo and Kuanglong Zhang came second and third respectively.

Brenda O Se- ‘Dock Worker’ (1st Place, Photographer of the year)

Kuanglong Zhang- ‘The Performer’ (2nd Place, Photographer of the year)

Kuanglong Zhang – ‘The City Palace’ (3rd Place, Photographer of the Year)

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