iACADEMY Animation Students Bag Grand Winner, Top 5 Spot At Hope In 40 Seconds Digital Animation Competition

Two entries from iACADEMY’s Animation Students bagged the Grand Prize and Top 5 recognition for this year’s Hope in 40 Seconds Digital Animation Competition.

Hope in 40 Seconds is an animated digital video festival that fosters awareness about mental health and suicide, as suicide occurs every forty seconds. The organizers called for entries last December 2017 to channel students’ creativity into a 40-second informative video about suicide.

Black, white, Red by Animation students Allysa Misa and Maria lsabella Parca was awarded the grand prize winner, while Hope4 by as Animation students Alex lsla and Erika Marquez was included in the Top five.

The inspiration behind Misa and Parca’s Black, White, Red comes from spoken word poetry. “We wanted to create a personal piece that people in the same situation could relate to. Having experienced such thoughts, we wanted to Ietthem know that they are not alone in their battle and that it’s okayto ask for help when things get too much to handle alone.”

lsla and Marquez’s Hope4 narrates how “depression can exist in the most bright exteriors and most unsuspected people. Most of the time, a lot of us do not care unless it’s being experienced by the people we care about, so the main lesson is to be good to everyone.”

Congratulations, iACADEMY Game Changers!

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