iPhone X: The Most Breakable iPhone?

iPhone X marks Apple’s 10th year celebration. It is positioned as a high-end, premium model intended to showcase advanced technologies.

iPhone X is the first to feature facial recognition, an OLED screen and a glass back in the Apple smartphone line up.

But in the recent tests conducted by SquareTrade, a tech-warranty company, iPhone X failed to resist damage from 1.83-meter fall.

In the reports, iPhone X’s screen was crashed after a face down drop test from 1.83-meters height. The facial recognition technology or Face ID was hardly damaged that it no longer worked.

Aside from external damages, the side and back drop tests caused internal damaged to the phone. The home button swipe didn’t work after the fall.

According to SquareTrade Master Technician, iPhone X has thinner yet costly OLED screen. It also has complex external network that might be difficult to repair or replace.

iPhone X was released last November 3, 2017 with a high-end price of $999, the most expensive iPhone launch price.

Photo: youtube/squaretrade

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