Microsoft Finally Unveils Its Most Powerful Console Yet, The Xbox One X

At the E3 2017 presentation last Sunday, Microsoft revealed it most powerful console to date, the Xbox One X. It is said to be the counter of PS4 Pro in the market.

Playstation 4 Pro is a line of home video game consoles developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It has been out in the market since 2016.
Xbox One X was designed as a response to the growth of 4K gaming and virtual reality in the high-end personal computer market. It is also meant to support 4K gameplay, as well as virtual reality.

One highlighted feature of Xbox One X is the compatibility of the console with all existing Xbox One software and accessories.

Here are the other specs of Xbox One X:

CPU architecture: AMD-customed Jaguar Evolved
CPU frequency: 2.3 GHz
GPU frequency: 1172 MHz
FP32 performance: 6 TFLOPS
Memory: 12 GB GDDR5
Memory bandwidth: 326 GB/s
Memory frequency: 6.8 GHz
Memory bus: 384-bit
Storage capacity: 1 TB
Output: HDMI 2

Xbox One X will be available in November and priced at $499 or about P 25,000 pesos.

Video Credit: Youtube: Xbox

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