Microsoft Launches Its Newest Microsoft Surface Laptop

The new Windows 10 S was taken to stage by Microsoft last Tuesday, May 2. It is the latest and newest Windows version launched by the company. It was designed and aimed for students to prevent their laptops from slowing down which will make their tasks easier to do and grasp on.

With Windows 10 S on-board, installation of apps outside the Windows Store will be prevented which will ward off the lagging and hanging of laptop devices. It is unquestionably secure which makes it ideal for not only the students, but for everyone.

But the launching wasn’t only about the new Windows, they also introduced the newest Microsoft Surface Laptop which shocked everyone. The new laptop was gorgeously designed making it more stylish than any other laptops in the market. It is thinner, lighter, and color choices are more variant.

Laptop colors are available in Cobalt Blue, Platinum, Graphite Gold, and Burgundy.

The new Surface Laptop is also touchscreen which makes everything easier to access.

With great features and more advance firewall, the Surface Laptop is not your ideal affordable gadget. It doesn’t come cheap. The pricing is $999 in UK and US, and approximately 49, 000php in the Philippines which makes it thrice the price of the normal Chromebook.

The Surface Laptop goes on sale in the market on June 15, but pre-order is now available in Microsoft’s website today.

Here’s the first look on Microsoft’s Surface Laptop:


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