It’s back-to-school time.

Many students are excited to start the new school year with a lot of new school supplies. Aside from the basic use of these tools, it can also brighten up your daily “school-grind” if its unique and fun to use.

Just like Polar Modular Magnetic Pen.

Polar pen is the world’s first modular pen made from magnetics. Aside from its main use as a writing tool, this product can alter into different forms as far as your creativity can go.

No boring moments in class or at home when you have Polar Modular Magnetic Pen.

Color: gold+silver
Lightweight, portable
Contains: 13*magnetic rings, 1*refill, 1*pen point cover, 1*pen clip, 2*pen cap, 2*pen point of touch pen, 12*steel ball, 1*package box
Function: gel pen, touch pen, holder, building blocks, decoration, etc.
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