Review: Get Rid Of Limited Data Storage With Synology DS718+ DiskStation

In the fast pace of the modern world, it’s hard to have a harmonious work and life balance.

Two different worlds that need adequate time and effort. In work, everything is instant. Reports need to be always within the reach, important files that need to be shared and sent anywhere and anytime of the day are some of the usual routines of everyday toil.

After a day of work, Spending time with family and friends and treasure the moments with them is one of the greatest trophies we can have in our lifetime.

Luckily, technology has given us arrays of options that can help us achieve work and life goals.

Synology DS718+ DiskStation is a high-performance NAS optimized for intensive workloads. Basically, it’s a special computer acting as a fully controllable storage.

Synology DS718+ DiskStation has 2 drive bays with a maximum internal raw capacity of 24TB (12TB per drive). You can also expand its unit up to 7 drive bays to reach a maximum of 84TB raw capacity.

Its immense storage can give you the freedom to save chunks of files. Perfect for saving and storing photos and videos that capture special moments with your loved ones as many as you want.

Aside from storage, Synology DS718+ DiskStation can deliver up to 226 MB/s read and 188 MB/s write-in RAID 1 configuration.

So, sharing files within network system is fast and efficient. No more email-to-email transfer. DS718+ Diskstation can handle up to 2048 local user accounts and more than 250 local groups.

With BTRFS file system, you will never worry about your data being corrupted and lost. BTRFS can auto-detect corrupted files and metadata. It can also recover broken data automatically.

Another good thing about Synology DS718+ DiskStation is that you can access it remotely by setting an account with Synology. All you have to do is visit Synology website and log in your Synology account. Look for Control Panel and check out Connectivity. Enable Quick Connect and register another Synology account. Create your very own Quick Connect ID. After the setup, you can now see the URL link that you can use to access your files. You can now access your files anywhere and anytime. However, the speed and privacy via remote access should be considered.

You can also enjoy different Synology apps that are hook to specific NAS feature, it includes Synology DS video where you can access and stream 4K media anytime, anywhere. Synology DS718+ supports 4K H.264/H.265 online transcoding. So, videos will automatically be converted and played with Ultra HD formats.

With Synology DS718+ DiskStation, you can now say bye to numerous USB and monthly data storage subscription.

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