You will never miss an important moment if you have your devices ready to snap important events. But it becomes an absolute bummer when we stumble across phones or devices that have run out of battery. That’s why powerbanks became an instant hit for those who are always in a rush.

Samsung Kettle Powerbank is a 10200mAh battery capacity powerbank. You can charge two electric devices at the same time which inputs voltage at Max, Normal charge of 5 V.

It is made up of high quality materials too, ensuring its durability. Samsung Kettle Powerbank can give 16-20 hours extended battery life to your devices.

Battery Capacity: 10200 mAh
Typical Capacity: (Normal Charge) 6500
Physical specification: Cable Length 0.2 m
Input Voltage: (Max, Normal Charge) 5 V
Input Current: (Max, Normal Charge) 2 A
Output Voltage: (Max, Normal Charge) 5 V
Output Current: (Max, Normal Charge) 2.8 A
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