Samsung Raises The Bar Of Home Entertainment With Its Soundbar Line-Up

Samsung raises the bar as they bring the ultimate cinematic experience closer to homes with its new line-up of Soundbars. Engineered by the Samsung Audio Lab in California, this newest audio technology embodies the next-generation of hassle-free home theater experience, debunking the usual perception that bigger speakers will always be better and more powerful.

By delivering true cinematic multi-dimensional sound, the Samsung Soundbar raises the bar of home entertainment by completing one’s viewing experience with superior audio quality. Entering the soundbar market is the Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Technology (HW-K950) and the Soundbar Sound+ (HW-MS751 & HW-MS6501) that offers advanced audio technologies in a sleek design.


● Equipped with a 5.1.4 channel system, the Samsung Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Technology (HW-K950) houses a total of 15 speakers, each with dedicated amplifiers to enhance TV Sound.
● It is industry’s first Soundbar package to include two Dolby Atmos-enabled up-firing speakers in the Soundbar and two wireless rear up-firing speakers.

● Powered by Dolby Atmos technology, the Samsung Soundbar allows consumers to experience sound that comes alive from all directions, without the need of installing ceiling speakers. This includes overhead, to fill home theaters with astonishing clarity, power, detail and depth, for a true theater-like experience. It also produces three-dimensional audio that travels across the room. The Sound of shattering glass ceilings, dripping of water or locking door knob can be clearly heard as if it’s happening inside the entertainment room.

● With wide-range tweeters, the Samsung Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Technology expands the “sweet spot” of the sound emitted from the speakers, giving consumers the ability to enjoy high quality sound wherever they listen.

● The Samsung Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Technology champions a practical and seamless solution to any living room with the following features:
a) Connect the soundbar wirelessly to your TV or Smartphone without the clutter of cables.
b) The Soundbar automatically pairs wirelessly to the subwoofer and rear speaker units.
c) Music lovers can experience their favorite songs and artists through the Soundbar’s Wi-Fi connectivity and access their favorite music from diverse sources using the Samsung Multiroom App for a complete listening experience.

● The Samsung Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Technology has six (6) sound modes namely Standard, Music, Movie, Clear Voice, Sports, and Night Mode for a more accurate sound quality.

● Its Surround Sound Expansion Plus allows upmixing of any content to Dolby ATMOS level while its 4K pass-through plays 4K content seamlessly to match true cinematic sound with 4K picture quality effortlessly.


● Slim as it may look, the robust Samsung Soundbar Sound+ (HW-MS751) is Samsung’s first soundbar to embed the subwoofer directly into its compact body. It enters the market as the most complete all-in-one model with its combination of price, design and audio performance. It has 5 channels—front left, front right, center, top left and top right and packs a total of 11 built-in speakers, each with dedicated amplifiers, including 3 wide-range tweeters, 6 woofers, and 2 vertical wide-range tweeters into the bar itself.

● The vertical tweeters, situated on the top of the unit, sprays sound upward to make it feel as though listeners are watching on a larger screen than they really are. It is features a Height Channel Up-Mix technology that delivers 3-dimensional surround sound. For a more immersive viewing experience, the speaker makes it feel that viewers belong to the members of the cast of the film they are watching, or the crowd of the concert they are attending.

● The new Samsung Soundbar Sound+ is perfectly crafted with Ultra High Quality (UHQ) 32-bit audio which provides a pleasantly crisp sound nearest to its original recording quality. Aside from upscaling music content to 32-bit detail sound, it also reproduces deep and detailed bass to as low as 35Hz.

● The Samsung Soundbar Sound+ delivers a more powerful bass compared to other Soundbars through the following features:
a) Its long-excursion technology increases the depth of the speaker movement resulting to a detailed and rich bass
b) The multi-speaker control technology replaces the traditional subwoofer with 6 (2”x4.3”) woofers. This enables the multi-array speaker units to move simultaneously, further deepening bass reproduction capabilities
c) The distortion cancelling technology eliminates low frequency distortion by predicting the distortion at the end of the speaker movement and pre-adjusting upfront. The resulting lows are smooth and distortion free, allowing listeners to enjoy bass-heavy content as it was meant to be heard.

● The Samsung Soundbar Sound+ is made to blend perfectly in any entertainment area. Its sleek design is made to match with your TV on a rack, or mounted seamlessly using the Wall Mount that is packaged with the soundbar.

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