Satisfy Your Summer Cravings With De’Longhi’s Gelato Maker

The summer heat is taking over the season, and that means more cool treats to freshen up from the sweat-drenching humidity. But not everyone can just order iced coffee or ice-cream over-the-counter because of specific or custom health issues. Thankfully, there is a gelato maker that can customize gelato flavors and ingredients.

De’Longhi’s Gelato Maker self-refrigerating compressor. It has the capabilities to bring temperature below freezing point. All you need is to mix in all the ingredients, specifically full-cream milk, all-purpose cream, water, sugar and flavored powder. However, you can customize and pinch in different ingredients and flavors if a specific health issue may be involved. After mixing in all the ingredients, it only takes roughly an hour or two until it reaches a gelato consistency.

The appliance comes with a self-generating compressor, patented mixing paddle and removable stainless steel bowl. And for those who can’t be bothered, the appliance is easy to clean and rinse out. Which means it can easily be reused.

For more information of the product, you may visit this link.

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