This Halloween Décor Was Banned For Being Too Scary

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world.

During this time, people adorn their houses with scary creatures and underworld beings.

But sometimes, too creepy decorations are not-so-cool. Just like this window peeper Halloween décor that was banned for being as scary af.

The Scary Peeper Creeper Mask is a Halloween décor suctioned unto window to look like someone staring at you from the outside.

The décor was patterned to a “peeping tom”. It has a hoodie and hands cupped around his eyes to get a good look.

Scary Peeper Creeper Mask was banned in stores in Canada after reports of it being too scary or unsafe for people suffering from heart diseases.

This Halloween décor has three versions; the normal hands-cupped peeper, the motion sensor that taps on the window, and the balaclava-clad intruder.

Aside from creepy looking guy, Scary Peeper Creeper Mask is also available in witch and clown versions.

These Scary Peeper Creepers are available on Amazon UK.

Photo: Amazon

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