Watch: Samsung’s Newest Ad Mocks iPhone

As the competition gets tougher between Apple and Samsung, the latter hits another blow by mocking iPhone in its newest commercial.

Samsung is known for producing commercials that directly attack Apple. This time, Samsung returns on the battleground with “Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up” ad that mocks iPhone’s development for the past years.

The new Samsung ad highlights the smartphone journey of an avid Apple fan from 2007 to 2017. Just in time for Apple’s 10th anniversary.

It starts by showing the iPhone running out of space which is one of the common problems of iPhone users.
A Galaxy Note 3 with its 5.5-inch display comparing to Apple’s 4-inch panel for the iPhone 5s.

In the year 2016, Samsung’s Galaxy series were all waterproof compared to the iPhone that needs to sit in a bowl of rice.

Samsung also mocks iPhone dongle and other “silly” accessories that Apple sells.

At the end of part of the commercial, the avid Apple fan switch to Galaxy Note 8.

“Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up” ad shows that Samsung is always ahead of Apple in terms of hardware development. Well, no doubt, they all have these proofs.

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