WoW Mounts Battle For Azeroth Beta Updates

Can you believe it? There is a little more than a month left before Battle for Azeroth drops in! New WoW mounts, features, and characters are almost in arm’s reach. As the release date gets closer and closer, more and more information gets released. So here are the most recent updates from the beta.

But first, it’s speculated that Blizzard will release the pre-patch sometime between the tenth and seventeenth of July. They typically release the pre-patch a month before an expansion, and it’s doubtful they’ll be working through the fourth of July.

With that over, let’s go to the updates!

Beta Updates

The build refined recipes for crafting professions. There was a reduction in required materials, and basic recipes need more common materials. Then there’s an increase in Expulsom acquisition. As for Draenor Garrisons, work orders disappeared and no longer work. Whether this is a bug or deliberate, it strikes a blow to the garrison’s efficiency. Let’s hope that it doesn’t make it to live.

Unfortunately, there are nerfs on the Bear Tartare and Fighter Chow. The former gives a significantly lower boost in the beta, compounded with no substitute for it. The latter gets nerfed in much the same way. With these changes, it’s best to leave farming to alts with levels that lower than 110.

For some good news, Teebu’s Blazing Longsword gets a higher resolution version called Teebu’s Scorching Straight Sword. It’s even bound on equip, so you can sell or buy it at the Auction House!

Other News

Not directly beta related, but Blizzard is pulling their Mobile Armory app on July 11. It’s a step toward streamlining and incorporating several app features into one mobile companion app. Exciting, isn’t it?

While waiting for the expansion, continue enjoying World of Warcraft!

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